Titanic Movie Essay

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Titanic Movie Love is key theme in titanic. Titanic is an epic romance film, which also contains certain historical and authentic aspects of the time it narrated. Titanic is a movie directed by James Cameron, which was released in 1997. Titanic movie is a kind of sad love story, where I notice love couldn’t discriminate by any classes such as elite and poor. Here we know that love is painful but again people cannot live without love.

First of all, Rose was a girl
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But Jack says no you have to go” Love is not a small word it looks like but it huge. That is I find in titanic. Here it proved that Rose and Jack, they didn’t about elite poor. However, they didn’t care about their life if we see that how much love between Jack and Rose. Really, their love was so deeply. When people see this movie, they are attractive their love. When Rose came back from the boat to Jake that means she proved that she loved him so much and she didn’t want to move without him. That was serious situation for her life but she didn’t care but she did care her love. If she want to leave her lover, she didn’t. Actually, when people get real love, they forget everything in their life.
Jack says, “Don’t to do that and don’t to say goodbyes. Do you understand me?’’ Jack said this speech because he wanted to Rose will be survived and she makes and grows his baby. Therefore, when he will not live in the earth then she doesn’t to go goodbyes her life. If both are not live then their symbol of love will not nothing in the earth that’s why he told like that. So, this speech gives a massage all the world people that people keep patience in the hard situation. In conclusion, Titanic is a film which people are very attractive to see this movie and also this movie is a famous in the world. Actually, this movie’s basic theme was love between two class people one was poor and other was rich or elite. Although love doesn’t gives us happiness all the time. Than people can’t live without love and it is universal
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