Title:. Establishing Border Liaison Office Against Transnational

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Title: Establishing Border Liaison Office against Transnational Crime Statement of the Issue: • Illicit drugs and psychotropic substances are increasingly being smuggled across the borders and posing not only a serious threat to our young generation but also a national threat. Furthermore, we found the symptoms of terrorist activities in the area bordering with the neighboring country. The porous border between Myanmar and neighboring country is rapidly becoming a conduit of transnational crimes such as gun running, drugs smuggling, human trafficking and terrorist activities, but yet both sides have not addressed this issue effectively and efficiently. Background As a number of occurrences in this year and the last year, 6.2 million…show more content…
• Lack of systematic village design plan. • No need to have a large place for making the illicit drugs. • Insufficient law enforcement resources to prevail over the whole area. • Easy to cross the border for the safe haven after the commission of the crimes including terrorist activities. • Corruption of the front line officers in the border area. • Lack of front line communication system for rapid response to the incidents. • Cannot identify specific nodal points between each other’s. • Poor/ inadequate information sharing. • Need of dialogue mindset. • Need of more institutional collaboration among pertinent bodies of different ministries of both sides. • Need of political will to take robust actions in addressing the issues occurring between both sides. • Need of regular exchanges and confidence-building measures between the relevant front line level, local level, government level law enforcement agencies. Goal: To establish the Border Liaison Office in Myanmar to promote law enforcement cooperation with the neighboring country in addressing transnational crime. Action Plan Objectives: 1. To develop a Memorandum of Understanding between both sides. 2. To establish the Border Liaison Office in Myanmar side. Objective 1: 1) Organize a working group within the police force to conduct the coordinating meetings with the relevant government agencies for discussing on the Memorandum of Understanding and on
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