Title IX: An Outcast Analysis

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The podcast that we listened to on Title IX strongly shows that women will find a way to seek justice. This justice is sought out by using legislation to produce a safer atmosphere on college campuses. The podcast is extremely informative on what has happened on college campuses and how Title IX is about more than just sports and funding. During the podcast, Title IX is talked about in-depth. In the beginning, the listner is informed that “Title IX is the federal law that prohibits gender discrimination in educational institutions that receive funding from the federal government.” This piece of legislation was passed in 1972 and allowed for women to gain access to opportunities. Educational settings began unraveling for women, but the women were not safe. The first person to use Title IX was a student at Harvard College who was sexually assaulted. She used this law to say that the college did not give her an equal education if she was not safe. If a man is safe, but a woman is not than that is unequal. Another situation where women tried to seek justice was in 2013 at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Five victims claimed that they told the university that their rights had been violated by a perpetrator who sexually assaulted them as well as…show more content…
In the middle of the podcast, it states that “The ACT in One ACT is an acronym. It stands for Ask for help, Create a distraction, and Talk directly.” This group supports bystander intervention, because we are more likely to prevent this horrible event if we involve more people like the community. If an idea could be added to ways to prevent sexual assault it would be educating women on how they can defend themselves in a case of sexual assault. This can be achieved in different forms from teaching self-defense classes to educating students on the warning signs that someone may possibly sexually assault an
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