Title IX on Sexual and Race Discrimination

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Research paper Title IX What if you were told that there may be a law created intended to remove discrimination between the sexes in education and sports, or that in the matter of athletics and job occupations both men and women are given equal opportunities? Would you then agree or disagree with the ideology that both sexes are still treated different even though this law was created and the opportunities that were promised aren’t precisely indistinguishable? Title IX is not an accurate protection of sexual discrimination\, it doesn't give equal opportunities, and is unjust as far as benefits between male and female sports. Although this law allows men and women to participate in the same sports and educational fields, it…show more content…
In order for schools to allow and equal set of opportunities for all female sports there must first be space at the school and in the schools budget. Consequently, due to the fact that around the time the law was created the number of male sports were dominant compared to female sports, the schools had to eliminate the count of male sports. A large amount of male students attempted to sue this law as stated by CBS news. The male athletes claimed that by the way the law was being enforced, they felt that their athletics departments were “losing out” to women departments. During a 60 minutes report the women who ran and swam their way through college with the assistance of athletic scholarships were called the daughters of Title IX. For instance, Julie Foudy who claims that Title IX is the blaim for her success of being a professional athlete and the reason she was the captain of a team that won the world cup. Julie remarked upon Title IX with statements such as “We were Title IX babies,” and “I think it all, it all trails back to Title IX, for sure.” For Foudy the law opened doors for opportunist and success for the male students this just so happens to not be the case. In order to comply with Title IX, the schools had to effectuate with what's called proportionality. (CBS news) Proportionality states that the portion of the school that is female must also be the portion of athletes that is female. Therefore setting
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