Title Ix And Its Impact On Society

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A huge thing that has impacted society and especially sport today was the passing of Title IX. It changed the way we look at sport and how we address it. Title IX is a law that passed in 1972 that requires gender equity for men and women in all educational programs that receive federal funding (titleix.info). The government showed that they will not play favorites and that we are all equal before the law (Summers). The passing of this law was a turning point for women. It impacted women in many areas of life but when most people think of Title IX, sport first comes to mind. Women had played sports before this time, but did not receive all the same opportunities as men. Women athletic programs were not provided with the same funds that men sports and female college athletes received only two percent of overall athletic budgets. There was much less woman participating in sports than men so before Title IX only 1 in 27 girls played high school sports. After Title IX, things drastically changed for women in sports though (titleix.info). Today there is a question about whether or not Title IX accomplished what it set out to actually accomplish. There are mixed views on if it was successful. There is no doubt that it has made a huge impact on women sports but has its faults made the law fail at its attempted mission. Carrie Lukas says, “Men’s sports teams have been sacrificed in order to achieve "proportionality" as demanded by those enforcing Title IX” (Lukas). Title IX

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