Title Ix And Its Impact On Society

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Title IX is most often heard of when talking about sports but it actually covers a multitude of areas in daily life. Without gender equality in the world,, one sex would rule the world and the other would be left with nothing. Title IX has introduced gender equality in many areas of our daily lives and without it America would not be the country it is today. Title IX has changed the way that the American society views gender equality in exploitation (such as sexual harassment), athletics, education, and careers. Title IX is a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity (2015). Title IX covers 10 key areas including: education, athletics, careers, employment, learning environments, technology, sexual harassment, testing, Math and Science, and education for pregnant and parenting students (2016). The law was passed in 1972 (2016). One of the most striking figures of the Title IX movement was Billie Jean King. King was a renowned tennis player and huge advocate for gender equality (2013). Despite having to endure both private and public battles, she never gave up on fighting for what she believed in (2013). Although King is often seen as someone who fought for women’s right she continually points out that she was fighting for “equal opportunity for both boys and girls” (2013). Title IX mainly focuses on helping women and young girls gain gender equality in common places but it can affect men

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