Title Ix Of The Education Amendments

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On June 23, 1972 Title IX of the Education Amendments was signed and put into action. Many people think of this title as the right of women to be able to participate in sport. Title IX was enacted to give women the rights to go to college and receive financial aid, along with also being able to participate in sports. After the title was enacted women would be able to have the same rights as men when it came to education, financial aid, and sports. Title IX has been enacted for forty years and many women have been able to advance in sport and business because of the liberties that Title IX gave to them. Even with all the good outcomes there may have been some negative outcomes as well. Has Title IX accomplished everything that it was meant to? Or is it something that had an effect and made some changes but is still a work in progress? When there is any type of discrimination it will always take time for an act, opposing it, to have an effect and start to make a change. When Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation to set all of the slaves free there weren’t many people who where very happy about it; and it did not make all of the discrimination against African American’s go away. It took time and effort on both parts and there are still areas in our nation where we can still see discrimination, against African Americans, today. The same goes for the Title IX act. It took a while for women to break through and for it to have a lasting effect for women. But Title
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