Title Ix Essay

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Nigel Liaw

Mr. Gobrail
English 3-5A
27 March 2006
A Change in History for Women Women presently play a huge part in daily activities whether it is at school, sports, or work. Over the past three decades, women have gained many rights and privileges that men have had for half a century or longer. Gaining these rights and privileges has allowed women to play important roles in today's society. One of the most debated issues between men and women is Title IX. This issue has created controversial problems that have caused a separation between men and women. Although, Title IX is constantly brought up, it was the beginning of a new era for women. An era that would allow women to be accepted as equals to men in everyday activities.
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Through the statistic, it is easy to see how much of an effect Title IX's history has for women. The creation of Title IX in 1972 banned gender discrimination in schools nationwide, particularly in sports (Huffman 4). Without it, superstar female athletes such as Lisa Leslie, Mia Hamm, or the Williams sisters would not be internationally famous. They also would not have the media exposure they get in sports without Title IX. In addition to the few that were just named, media is focusing more and more on female athletes such as Michelle Wie and this year's winter Olympic silver medalist in figure skating, Sasha Cowen. In conjunction with the popularity of female athletes, Title IX has pushed for equality over the past three decades. In Suzanna Huffman's article from "Mass Communication and Society," it states that "Title IX has encouraged school administrators to work toward gender equity in athletic spending, and now many more women participate in college sports and earn college athletic scholarships than in years past" (4). Although this statement is generalized, it is close to the truth in today's culture among men and women. The impact that Title IX has bestowed on women has created a positive outcome. It is astonishing to see what one document in 1972 can do to increase equality for women, yet create so many controversies with it.
As it is seen time and time again, issues and problems about Title IX are discussed in a degrading manner. In the past, people

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