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4 Summary I describe myself as a fast learner, ambitious and always eager to achieve more. Since I have joined Melita, I feel I have developed new competencies that increased my managerial knowledge. The experience gained helped me to achieve more self-motivation and to become a more assertive person at work. I have an aptitude for sales with strong capabilities to deal with difficult customers. Furthermore, I am very proficient in computer knowledge and well versed in dealing with software and technical problems/repairs, assembling PC’s, and configuring of wireless and wired networks, for both home and business use. In 2011, I was recognised by the Management team at Melita Plc and received the ‘Employee of the Year’ award…show more content…
Sales Representative – (G&E Electronics) Period: March 2002 – February 2003 The position requires a technical person with excellent selling skills. The job entails selling electronic products as well as providing the support and advice required on electronic goods. Additional duties include visiting third party stores to promote and sell electronic goods from the vast range G&E Electronics. Technical Coordinator, Learning & Development – (Electronic Solutions Co. Ltd). Period: September 2000 – February 2002 The primary functions of this role are to coordinate and assign work to my IT technical team and to execute technical jobs such as computer repairs and networks problem solving. Furthermore, in this position I dealt with customer technical issues both face to face and over the phone. I also had to perform training for new student workers that where engaged by the company during the summer period, as well as assisted students in their training and development requirements. Sales and Data administrator – (The Computer Training Course) Period: February 1999 – August 2000 My first employment experience included sales, taking care of data inputting and stock movement, invoicing clients and dealing with

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