Title Vii Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964

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Title VII Strategies by Minority Groups
(African Americans, Women, Mexicans and Jewish Americans)

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a federal Law that prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the grounds of sex, race, color, national origin and religion (www.aauw.org). Thus far in our lectures we have discussed the strategies used by various minority groups who have been discriminated against in violation of Title VII. There has been land mark decisions made from the hard fought fights by, African Americans, Women, Mexicans and Jewish alike. Their challenges of non-compliance and enforcement of Title VII brought successes that didn’t come without sacrifice, division and in some cases physical harm.
There were some major struggles both with the individual groups and between the groups themselves. The groups inability to unit as one people was one of the main causes that made it easy for the US government and law makers to digress from their arguments and challenges. It was easier to fight an already oppress and down trotted group than it would be to fight the “American people”. I feel they needed to put aside identity politics because it just feed literally into the norm of stratification.
African Americans
The strategies used to oppose the noncompliant enforcement of workplace discrimination by the African Americans were a three prong approach;
1. Civil Disobedience (yet non-violent)
2. Grass-root Organizing and Voter Registration
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