Title Vii Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Prohibiting Job Discrimination

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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits job discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion and nation of origin. With the recent acceptance of marriage equality, it may leave the population doubting if they can be open and honest about their life. While, Title VII now encompasses the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) population, individuals may continue to fear their protection within the employment process. This is due to the ongoing debate within each state to implement anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT workers. This may encourage people to purse a career based on fear of discrimination rather than compatibility.
Discrimination is described as prejudicial treatment of a protected class of people or things. While perceived discrimination is the notion that an individual believes prejudicial treatment is occurring. Even if actual discrimination does not exist for reasons such as a statement being misunderstood or an individual concealing their sexual orientation, potential for negative consequences is present (Ragins & Cornwell, 2001). Unfortunately, discriminatory practices are common, such as avoiding individuals, gossip, and derogatory comments. While described as “normal”, devious discriminatory practices may be hard to identify. Americans, in general, tend to be subtle, elusive, and work to conceal their own preferences. Biases are typically based on moral or religious principles which may be customary to local culture, making…
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