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How Title VII Affects the Workplace Paper The last decade has produced an explosion of racial employment discrimination lawsuits. These lawsuits have resulted in record-breaking settlements. By federally mandating every business to review the history, impact and proposed policy of Article VII these lawsuits may subside. Reviewing Title VII is a step corporate America must soon make or continue to loose much needed revenue. Our team will discuss the history of Title VII, the impact of Title VII in the workplace, who is and who is not covered under Title VII as well as propose policies that companies should have in place to avoid Title VII violations. The Evolution of Title VII and its Amendments Title VII covers many issues under…show more content…
A proactive approach to addressing and monitoring this issue through every facet of an operation will provide a positive and productive workforce. The negative impact can be a devastating proposition, regardless of it being known or unknown within a workplace setting. The fines, scrutiny, public opinion, individual liability issues, lengthy litigation process can be detrimental to companies. Who are Covered Under VII and its Amendments Title VII Rights Act of 1964 forbids employers with 15 or more employees to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion or national origin (EEOC, 1997). This law applies to federal, state and local employers. The above conditions may not be used to refuse to hire or for terminating an individual or in other words discriminate against any individual (EEOC, 1997). In order to release an employee in any of the above categories the employer must have documentation based on quantity or quality of production and the employer can also make this decision based on results of a professionally developed ability test, which cannot be used to discriminate (EEOC, 1997). If an employee feels they have been let go for an unjust reason they can file a formal
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