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Typed in black font is an ‘A’ in Algebra 2. My transcript tells a different story of what actually transpired. I may have taken the class, however, I did not gain any material that would suffice my arsenal in algebra. I received an ‘A’ for reading novels since the teacher concentrated on disciplining those disrupting class rather than teach. I found myself lost amidst the algebra questions thrown at me but not taught. My only solace was that at least we dealt with some algebra equations. However as the year progressed, I realized I couldn’t let this perpetuate since I would fall behind my peers by not performing simple algebraic concepts. First and foremost, I willed to be self-disciplined. I found motivation on focusing on the objective and its benefits. I restrained myself from deserting my studies just because I could acquire an ‘A’ easily. I scheduled late-nights with my textbook and laptop to comprehend the material, poring over countless examples and Khan Academy and Youtube videos. I refused to succumb to the temptation of just reading and centered on apprehending the material’s entirety. Though I encountered obstacles, such as tackling unknown…show more content…
I inquired with teachers who were able to stay after school to teach me the concepts and techniques on approaching problems. I also became a regular in the campus library to receive aid from tutors. I employed the resources that the school had granted me to the improvement of my studies. Through the determination to thoroughly comprehend the material and deepen my preparation for college, I strengthened my self-discipline and sharpened my resourcefulness into tackling the looming wall of Algebra 2. In the process, I gained the assurance that I can persevere and navigate through challenging situations, especially in times where I’m thrown into the abyss of the unknown without any guide. I have the tenacity to go
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