Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street Corridor Improvement

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Faculty of Technology and Built Environment

We were asked by our Highway engineering lecturer to write a report about a current or previous project listed on the Auckland transport site. After a research on the site, I have chosen to write about Tiverton road\ Wolverton street corridor improvement.
Tiverton road and Wolverton Street, play a major role in linking the suburbs of New Lynn and New Windsor. The 2.2km stretch of road carries an average of 31400 vehicles per day. And a two lane addition was required to allow for the ease of travel and safer environment for both motorist and pedestrian users. The project has been given less than 2 years to be completed starting in 2014.

Back in 1920’s, the work had started in developing an arterial road that helped link west Auckland with its central suburbs. The 2.2km stretch of road added great commercial and residential benefits in linking and intersecting with major roads in the area.
On September 2012, the road works started after a site blessing held by local iwi Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei and Ngaitai-ki-tamaki in conjunction with Auckland Transport and Downer NZ.

Problem statement
With the increased traffic flow caused by the popularity of the road and the current motorway extension to Maioro Street, the road required widening to lower traffic jams during rush hours. Moreover, with the increase of residents in the area, the street required safer and better utilities such as safer footpaths,

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