Tizabeth Act 1 Scene 5

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“I’m here,” Dionico announced. “We waited,” their mother beamed at her prize child. Tizbeth focused on eating her cold dinner and tuned everything else out until she could go to bed. A week later, Tizbeth was back in the heat forge. She hid there often. She was blowing a glass tree for a human order for next month. She spoke one of the few spells she had the strengthen for, one to take hot things from the fire. The shade of green was just a bit dull. Tizbeth took a deep breath and begin the enchantment to turn the glass to a pale green. It exhausted her. Normally she had the others do the color enchantments but she had asked for help with the anti-shatter spell because it was so delicate and didn’t want to ask for more help. It was…show more content…
She studied the one he pointed to, but when she turned to ask Ovalles a question on the supplies in the storage, Tizbeth noticed that he had hung back. Lord Donovan offered a tour of Brianna’s outer chambers for a taste of her likes. Tizbeth wrapped up the meeting, feeling uncomfortable without Ovalles. Tizbeth went to find him. She approached a knot of men to ask if they had seen the other Sorfria. “Races are supposed to be separate. That is what the story of the tower of babel tells us,” the one with her back to Tizbeth said. “Hiring for work is not different that renting a horse to blow a field,” another in the group countered. Tizbeth decided to find her friend on her own. She found him in the front hall, laughing with a few men who didn’t seem to mind sharing an ale with an elf thing. “Let’s head out,” Tizbeth said. “I want to get started.” Ovalles shrugged, chugged the rest of his ale and they headed out. “So…” Ovalles started once they were an hour outside the town “were they stories true?” “What stories?” “About human lovers.” “I didn’t test it. He was too busy showing me everything about his just-dead
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