Tiziano Vecellio: Titian

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Tiziano Vecellio, known as Titian, was an Italian 16th century Venetian painter. Biographies were written when Titian was alive; however his birthday is still unknown. One account was written by a close friend of his, Lodovico Dolce who says in his book, “Dialogue on Painting” that Titian was about twenty years old in 1507 when he was working on his painting “Fondaco dei Tedeschi.” However, in a letter Titian wrote to the king of Spain in 1571 he claims to be ninety-five years old, putting his birth year in 1477. If this was true, Titian would have been around one-hundred years old at the time of his death. Based off of the chronology of his works, it is more likely that Titian was born around 1490 and died in 1576. When Titian …show more content…
In addition to celebrating love and music, Venus is paused (don’t understand) from the music making to be crowned by Cupid, they have been thought to address the Neo-Platonic debate of seeing versus hearing as the primary means for perceiving beauty.
Titian uses very rich, saturated colors in the painting. The painting shows Venus in the reclining nude position holding an instrument while her son Cupid is behind her placing a crown on her head. Venus is completely nude except for two bracelets, a necklace, and a small piece of cloth across her thigh. There is a cello next to her and a young man playing the lute while looking at her. There is a sense of movement created by the young man looking at Venus and Venus looking off into the distance. Venus’ body is one of the brightest parts of the painting drawing the viewer’s eye to her body and then to her face, which is looking out of the painting.
Venus and the Lute Player was unfinished at the time of Titian’s death. In inventory of the Pio di Savoia collection the painting is described as a nude Venus, unfinished, half reclining with Cupid behind her in the act of putting a garland of flowers on her head. At her feet is a young man who plays the lute. He is wearing a velvet hat in the old style and a gilded sword at his side. Beyond is a landscape with some trees against one of which there is a figure that plays an instrument and others
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