Tj Maxx's Roots Come From The Tjx Companies

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The product to be introduced is the clothing and accessory retailer TJ MAXX, into Guatemala. TJ MAXX’s roots come from the TJX Companies Incorporated. TJX Incorporated traces back to 1919. The founding brothers Max and Morris Feldberg started their business with a New England Trading Company in Boston, Massachusetts. A few years later, in 1929, they decided to go into the discounted department store business and founded Zayre. After being successful in the department store business, they decided to expand and then after being extremely successful in the 70’s they decided to go for something bigger. This next step came during 1976 when Bernard Cammarata, a young Merchandise Manager, was offered to launch an off-price chain project. Under him, TJ MAXX was born in the United States. TJ MAXX became one of the most successful off-price chain stores in the United States and around the world. Today, TJX Companies Inc. is still the parent company for TJ MAXX, also owning Homegoods, and Marshalls among others. According to, the first two TJ MAXX stores were an instant success, located in Auburn and Worcester, Massachusetts. A few years passed and the company expanded all over the United States and eventually in the 90’s they expanded into Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. With variations in the name such as T.K. MAXX or WINNERS but with the same concept. Continuing with the expansion, T.K. MAXX went to Germany and Poland in the 2000’s. The company also decided to

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