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eStore at Shell Case Analysis – Student sample Case Synopsis In 2002 Shell Canada, a large Oil and Gas company, launched the eStore software application to service their price-sensitive Agricultural market segment by offering a lower cost service. Calvin Wright (eProduct manager) helped implement the eStore application, which was geared to service this Agricultural Segment market. The Agricultural Segment was considered by Shell to be high costs since local sales representatives were used in order to sell the product. By introducing a cost saving application, eStore, users would be able to place their orders directly online. However, when the number of eStore users remained unchanged, Wright headed to the field to determine the…show more content…
IT developed an application that was to be used by the Agricultural Segment, however the eStore design was not created nor considered by the customer user-friendly (complex security password design). Such complex features are more likely to be seen in Intranets. Since this application is supposed to act as an eStore more security should have been implemented for the invoicing portion, and less when browsing for a product. What differences are evidenced in this case between the development and deployment of customer-facing applications versus employee-facing applications? How did the type of application affect the use of eStore? When developing the eStore, Shell did not seem to adhere too much to the customers’ needs, but rather servicing the needs of the company (developed a cost effective system). In the consultant report it is identified that customers had trouble differentiating which login application they should choose since they presumed to be presented with two options. The customer had the perception that by using the left side of the screen they would use an insecure login (Rainer, 2008, pg. 176). The IT development of eStore was approached as being used by someone that had some application knowledge and training prior to navigating the
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