Tlc Plate Chromatography

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First, saturate the TLC trough with 30 ml of ethyl acetate: methanol solution for 10 mins. Next, spread the silica gel into into a 0.2 micrometer film over the Aluminum plate. Then, to dry the plate for usage, heat the plates in an oven at 110 Celsius for 5 min. Apply the samples 1 cm above the base of the plate using a sample applicator, along with nitrogen gas to allow the bands to simultaneously dry. Place the TLC Plate into the chromatography trough, and allow the plate to develop until the 10cm mark. Follow up by scanning the TLC plate in a densitometer to obtain a chromatogram of the separated samples. The Peak of caffeine observed on the chromatogram can be matched to the real plate and be scraped off for the retrieval of caffeine.
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