Tnt Strategic Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary The aim of this report is to make an in-depth research on TNT Asia region. In first part, we will analysis the internal influences by Porter 's Five Forces model. In second part, PESTEL model will apply for external influences. Lastly, SWOT analysis will be provided as a conclusion. Content Page 1. Introduction 3 2. Micro-environment 3 2.1 Industry Competitors 3 2.2 Buyer 3 2.3 New Entrants 3 2.4 Supplier 3 2.5 Substitutes 3 3. Macro- environment Error! Bookmark not defined. 3.1 Political 3 3.2 Economic 3 3.3 Social 3 3.4 Technology 3 3.5 Environment 3 3.6 Legal 3 4. SWOT 3 5. Reference 3 1. Introduction TNT (Thomas Nationwide Transport) was founded by Ken Thomas in Australia in 1946. Today,…show more content…
2.8 Social The survivability of TNT will depend on the economic growth of the industry and standard of living. When there is growth in the industry there will be a need for delivery services because companies will need to deliver their stock from one place to another in order to sell. Another positive is the rise in income level and the standard of living; people may move to bigger houses or invest in new ones. This would require the use of a delivery service. If business is growing for one company, they may need to expand or to move to a bigger location, they will need transport to move their inventory. Some small business may then decide to outsource the job to TNT. 2.9 Technology With the help of technology, TNT allows customers to track and trace their items through their website and short message system (SMS) and this would help ease the minds of customers. ( The advance system allows 24/7 service with the lowest manpower to work. 2.10 Environment TNT delivers their freight using road and air transport. These kinds of transports are polluting the air and harming the environment. TNT wants to reduce the environmental impact of its business; their aim is to improve their carbon efficiency by 45% by 2020. Another

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