To Accept and Define Death Essay

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The word “death” is unique. In fact, we can imply both peaceful and horrific in it. Moreover, death definitely has a powerful message that nobody is ever prepared for it. We are not only unprepared at the loss of beloved one, but also the loss of our own life. The fear of death is related to the uncertainty of what follows death since nobody comes back to tell of an afterlife. Based on national polling in 1997, “Heaven is not just in your mind: It's a real place”, says 88 percent of a national sample of adults interviewed by Opinion Dynamics for Fox News. However, the poll found that far fewer Americans, 71 percent, believe in hell (Morin). It is not to surprise that many poems have been written on the topic of death: some offer ways to…show more content…
The word “golden” is a symbol of summer, daytime, and youth. Then, the word “shovel” signifies a sign related to death, funeral, and latter burial. Eventually, with no education there is no choice but to live the street life which likely leads to a shorter life. The entire tone of the poem is upbeat; however, the tone changes dramatically at the end with a statement: “We die soon” (Brooks 639). The last line alone tells everything. It is a powerful word related to the fact that 78 percent of U.S. teens had drank alcohol, and 47 percent of the group said they'd consumed 12 or more drinks in the past year. When it came to drug use, 81 percent of teens said they had the opportunity to use illicit substances, with 42.5 percent actually tried them (Castillo). Brooks through her poem tries to warn adolescents that drinking is unhealthy. Drink might cause high sensation and makes us forget about every problems of life. However, we cannot escape from life by drinking and getting high. Moreover, if teenagers want to take a closer look about life; they should notice that life in planet earth is only a transient. What next: we all die. Interpret death is not a religious matter; people, no matter what religion and belief, are going to die. The poem “We Real Cool” is an excellent job written in 1960. Even though, the poem was written so long ago, it mirrors the situation of today, for many young men and even young women skip school every day
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