To Apply The Moral Theory To Janice’S Case, We Must Consider

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To apply the moral theory to Janice’s case, we must consider the possible actions the physician can take and find the utility of them both. Then, we can determine which action the physician is morally obligated to do. There really are only two actions that the physician can perform: administer the life-ending drug, or not administer the life ending drug. If the drug is administered, Janice will die. Her pain will end, and before she dies, she will feel some pleasure that the physician is carrying out her wishes and that she will no longer need to be a burden to her family, but some sadness (pain) to have to leave her family behind . The physician, having to perform this operation, feels pleased to follow Janice’s wishes and see her out of…show more content…
In Classical Act Utilitarianism, because actions that produce as much utility as any other are obligatory, the physician is obligated to end Janice’s life. This ultimate conclusion is incredibly strong—too strong perhaps for some to conclude that Act Utilitarianism came up with the right verdict. An alternative is Rule Consequentialism. The basic idea of Rule Consequentialism is that what is morally right is based on how the action stands to an ideal code of rules. The Theory of Right Conduct states “an action A is right if and only if (and because) A is not prohibited by an ideal code of rules.” A wrong action, then, would be prohibited by said code (155). An ideal rule is a rule that if it were accepted by most of society would produce as much intrinsic value as any other rule would. This value is called ‘acceptance value.’ To remain consistent, we will consider value hedonism when analyzing Rule Consequentialism, though it is important to note that a different system of value would be inputted if it would produce more benefits to society than hedonism would. Considering hedonism though, the acceptance value of a rule is the amount of pleasure and pain that rule would bring if a large portion of society accepted it. The ideal code needs to be made up of rules that would result in as high

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