To Be A Modern Person In The 1920's

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How the modern person was back then and how the modern person is now. To be a modern person in the 1920’s to be a modern person in 2016. When you ask someone what does it mean to be a modern person they refer to how society is now. Being “modern” is looking at society and comparing each other. In the 1920’s if you didn’t wear what everyone is wearing you weren’t “cool”. Did it stop ? No in today’s world most people think they need to start wearing popular clothes or dress some certain way to fit in. Talking about the world today people compare themselves to the popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. The question is why? The world is so distant with each other why can’t everyone get along like in the 1920’s where there wasn’t much…show more content…
Everyone went to those parties if What’s sad about today’s world is that they let that get into their heads. To be a modern person you don’t have to do all the things the popular people or the celebrities are doing. People need to stop comparing each other. To be a modern person don’t need to their bodies half naked or be out doing drugs that’s so horrible. I understand people are confident with their own bodies The reason people compare themselves a lot is because of the internet. If we didn’t have the internet there wouldn’t much hate around the world. In the 1920’s it was the roaring 20’s where being modern was nothing. The flappers changed everything so there was so much hate for change there’s no problem of being different. Different is good. Confidence is the key people think to be a modern person is dressing some certain or people need to look some type of way. Don’t compare being a women is hard when there is lots of competition and “hate”. Don’t follow popularity don’t follow the crowd that only destroys the soul. People don’t have to be “modern” even when it was the 1920’s people weren’t modern and even now in 2016 there isn’t no modern because no one is
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