To Be America Again Poem

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To be an American is to universally endure, as a country, as a community, and as oneself. To endure is to suffer patiently, and to remain in existence. For example, one can look at the struggles of Black America, whose American experience has been defined by intolerance and ignorance. In the 1920’s privileged White Americans danced on in the jazz age whilst their Black counterparts, no longer subjugated by law, were still subjugated in practice, downtrodden and impoverished. In his poem “Let America Be America Again”, African-American poet Langston Hughes recognizes this unfair divide, adding that, “There’s never been equality for me, Nor Freedom in this ‘“homeland of the free.’” The hyphen in African-American is important, it is direct evidence of their resilience, because despite the mistreatments by their own peers, they still hold strong to their place as Americans. Aside from Black Americans, resilient Americans…show more content…
Executive order 9066 effectively shut out a large community who had carved their own piece of America for themselves to enjoy, and who had done nothing wrong but to have the genes of the enemy. The adverse effects of this shameful act are still being reverberated in the generations that have followed, even today. In her essay, “Growing up Asian in America”, writer Kesaya E. Noda attests to these effects when she writes, “ Weak.’ I hear the voice from my childhood years. ‘Passive,’ I hear. Our parents and grandparents were the ones who were put into those camps. They went without resistance; they offered cooperation as proof of loyalty to America. ‘Victim,’ I hear. And, ‘Silent.’” By ignoring the real enemy, we as Americans lost what is our most valuable asset, our ability to stand strong together as a nation. This loss serves a purpose, even today, as a negative example of what we are capable of, and as a reminder that we can do
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