To Be Thankful For Many Things

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Always be thankful for what you have. I came up with this quote. I am thankful for many things. These make up part of my everyday life. I am thankful for three main earthly possessions. Those three are my house, my speaker, and my drumset. It is really cool to own these things. I am thankful for many things. One of those is my house. I like my house because that's where I live. I wake up there and that's where I go after school. I also like to decorate the house on holidays. I help out with the Halloween decorations. I also help with getting the decorations out of the attic. I also like my house because my friends live near it. I go to their houses a lot because they live down the street. Overall, these are many ways to show that I'm thankful for my house.…show more content…
I got it because it was recommended and it was also a really good sounding one. Second, it's a very clean sound with no distortion. I also got it because it's a useful tool when I'm practicing along to the track. It helps me hear the song I'm playing. It also helps when I'm warming up with a metronome. Lastly, it's really fun to play music through it. I really like music, only if it's good music. Also, when I'm playing music, the speaker can get real loud. These are many ways why I am thankful for my speaker
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