To Be a Retail Assistant Manager

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Now a days it is very hard to find a steady job. Everything going on with the economy and unemployment it is extremely difficult. In order to get a stable job you need to have some sort of knowledge in what you are doing. Even working at a department store requires sone knowledge. You need to be able to work with customers and be up to date with everything that involves the store. During my visit to mothers job I acquired some knowledge on how to manage a store. My mother works at Nordstrom as a Retail Assistant manager. Most of the time she was on the go and extremely busy. Customers had issues that she needed to solve. My mother had to fire and even hire many people all in one day. My mother basically runs the entire store if the manger is not there. In order to be a Retail Assistant Manager you need at least a high school diploma and good qualifications on your GCSE’s. (Retail Assistant manager job description To really stand out from the rest, having a degree in retail management is great. From six a.m till five p.m my mother worked non-stop. To be a Retail Assistant Manager you need to be on your feet and be able to multi-task. Determination and drive for this job is the most important. This job requires you to deal with people all the time. Any concern in the store goes directly to you or the actual manager. The manager considers a Retail Assistant Manager as their “second right man”. Providing the latest updates about the store 24/7 to the
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