To Be or Not to Be Well Educated

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ENG 101-D23 LUO Professor Desiree B. Sholes 11/12/2012 To be or not to be well-educated: A Narrative Response to Alfie Kohn’s “What does it mean to be well-educated?” To be or not to be well-educated: A Narrative Response to Alfie Kohn’s “What does it mean to be well-educated?” Alfie Kohn’s essay “What does it mean to be well-educated?” begins on a personal note using his wife as an example to substantiate his hypothesis. Encountering Alisa at the very beginning of the essay was indeed a refreshing way to initiate thought into a subject not often considered. Today not everyone ponders the real relevance behind education nor does anyone contemplate just how much of education is needed to be…show more content…
Nevertheless, something is imbibed. Education in a good school does seem to show in the kind of person you become and whether anything is remembered or not the molding influence is indelible. Secondly good education when put to use is much handier when compared to a lower grade of education. Kohn’s question of consensus set me rapidly agreeing with him. Levels of education do vary between countries, states, and even the past and present. What is well-educated in one country may not be up to standard in another (2003, par. 9). Today a person with a doctorate in India is well-respected and highly valued in his/her country but when the same person wishes to teach in America or Britain he/she must acquire a teaching certification as most of the time local credentials are not accepted. The next stage of Kohn’s reasoning involved ruling out what might not be considered as being well-educated. Being well-educated does not depend on the number of hours spent in class, how well-prepared for a career one is, test-scores, or rote-learning (2003, pars. 12-15). Although intelligent students do get good test scores this does not happen all of the time as there are several smart students who do not seem to perform well. Also, and in this as in the previous point I completely agree with Kohn, memorizing everything that is just a click away on the internet does not necessarily translate into being considered well-educated.
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