To Begin This Research Photography And Children Was Examined.

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To begin this research photography and children was examined. Through my visual case study I was given a glimpse into the schooling experience of three young boys in India. Seeing them in their environment and the classroom surroundings allowed me to further understand their experience.Buck-Morss refers to photographs as fragments of the past. This was true when I first saw the photograph that I chose as my visual culture text. As this reminded me of a personal experience, that of my father. This came full circle when my family and I visited India in December. We had the chance to visit my father’s former school and I was able to take a photograph of him standing on the courtyard (Appendix B). This photograph provided much meaning to me…show more content…
Begin that this photograph was taken inside a school allows one to see some of the artwork and furthermore, the students in Ibrahim’s class. In this particular image Ibrahim seems to be looking away from the camera and not interacting with those around him so it is difficult to understand his meaning of community. By examining these images one is able to get a better understanding of the schooling and community experiences of young people. The relationship between education and community was explored in detail. Nirav explains what a community entails. A community is a wide grouping of people located within certain boundaries, related to each other by socio-economic and civic activities which produces oneness sufficient to develop a recognizable identity as a group (Nirav).Alam examined different community factors such as the financial position, educational status, child care and cooperation and its impact on young people’s achievement in Bangladesh. What was discovered was that the family and community’s financial status do affect a child’s learning and parents also affect a child’s achievement in school(Alam). Kennedy also studied this relationship by looking at a student’s learning environment. Kennedy states that learning should go beyond the classroom and into the homes and communities of students (28). This demonstrates the importance of extending learning outside the classroom walls. Macneil, Prater, and Busch discuss the importance of school culture and how

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