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TO BELONG IS NOT NECESSARILY TO IDENTIFY WITH IT In our social life, each person has one’s own roles and responsibilities, attitudes and values. Since every individual is unique and distinct compared to one another, these elements that construct our individuality are not always similar. Similarities and reflection of our values make us belong to a group, but the differences are barriers that stop ourselves from being recognized as an indivisible part of it. Belonging and identity are inseparable; nonetheless, there are distinctions that create a world of difference between the two. Belonging is not only about to whom we incorporate ourselves the way we perceive it, but also how others recognize our relationship with that group.…show more content…
In the absolute core of one’s consciousness, a person knows into which groups one belongs naturally. However, one’s conscience is able to judge matters, determine values and set goals. Since, our thoughts and behaviour are governed, partly if not completely, by our own conscience, our approach to matters that related to belonging is heavily influenced by our conscience. Therefore, when an individual denies one’s relationship with a particular tribe, an individual’s behaviour will reflect to the refusal to recognise the connection with that party. Hence, we can technically belong without having an intimate connection. This is situation can be regarded as a “surface belonging”; while others recognise one’s belonging, it is denied by oneself. An example of this case can be seen in a stage play titled “Bombshells” by Joanna Murray-Smith, in the monologue of Meryl Louise Davenport. Meryl constantly endeavours to fulfil her responsibilities as a mother and valuable member of society. However, her attempts to live up to these expectations force her to abandon herself. She does however, keeps her responsibilities. She refuses to belong to a tribe of women who “just throw themselves together”, despite her current state of being unable to take care of herself properly. On the surface, she belongs to the “good mothers”, or so others perceive it. However,

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