To Catch a Thief

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I was most interested in Lui’s work about online reading and the necessity of having a complex and detailed definition of that kind of reading. I suppose since there is so much more online than just reading that reading has mutated into something quite different than it was when we did our reading primarily in print. There were no hyperlinks, immediately accessible related reading, the ability to contribute and read comments, the ability to save and pass on the reading itself. The material text is extremely limited in what we can do with it. We can basically read it and write on it. Depending on our purpose with the text, that may be all we need to do with. A 20-page academic article is difficult to read on a screen, our ability to…show more content…
k and a method of reading to apply to the online context that is significantly different from that of traditional text, OR, maybe taking that type of interrogative spirit we tend to have in the humanities and start focusing that on online texts and asking them, “Just what are you trying to
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