To Complete My Hours For This Course, I Decided To Have

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To complete my hours for this course, I decided to have my shadowing experience as an observer of a Registered Nurse. This was a beneficial decision for me because not only do I want to be a nurse myself, but I have also recently applied for a RN program. Considering this, I wanted to obtain the most I could through this experience. When I first started this experience, I was nervous. The reason being that my only other experience was through observing an athletic trainer; But this was different because it was the field I would be enduring in my future. This experience was a way for me to determine if the field that I am so close to obtaining is a right fit for me or if I had almost graduated in a field that I would completely dislike.…show more content…
In addition, I also realized that I now ask the patient is there anything else that I could help them with before leaving their rooms. With this new knowledge that I previously overlooked, I believe that in my future of being a health profession, I will be more aware of my patients needs to solve all problems that they may have in order for them to gain trust in my skills and knowledge that I provide them with. Also, it will help me to be able to interact on a more professional level to satisfy any worries that may leave my patients feeling unsettled. In comparison to experiencing the health settings ourselves, we were to interview a health profession in our field. Since I not only knew the woman I shadow but she was also in the field I desired, I decided to interview her about her career path and how she became a RN. The woman I interviewed initially told me that when she went to school, she never thought that she would ever end up within nursing. Her first career that she completed was when she graduated from Temple University as a social worker. With this degree, she worked at a welfare office for almost 10 years. She then proclaimed that she felt like there was more for her to do. She was tired of the same routine of sitting at a desk, filling out paperwork and answering calls for people to collect benefits. In addition, she stated that she had realized that she could be helping individuals in a broader way, therefore she decided to reattend college. With
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