To Defined Communication, We Find Definitions As Follow:.

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To defined communication, we find definitions as follow: - According to Keyton (2011) defined Communication is the process of transmitting information and common understanding from one to another. - In the book Weekly (1967, p. 338) says that communication which is etymological related to both “communion” and “community”, comes from the Latin communicate, which means” to make common or “to share”. - Or according to DeVito (1986) expanded on this, writing that communication is the process or act of transmitting a message from a sender to receiver, through a channel and with the interference of noise. Some would elaborate on this definition, saying that the message transmission is intentional and conveys meaning in order to bring about…show more content…
- Alan Davies (2003) says that when a person acquires a second-language at a very young age, the distinction between native and non-native speaker becomes ambiguous. And a child may be a native speaker of more than one language as long as the acquisition process start early. - And finally, in the book The Handbook of Applied Linguistics (2004), says that after puberty, it becomes difficult – not impossible, but very difficult – to becomes a native speaker. In addition, we need to pay attention to elements as follow: - Examples and observations of native speaker, in the book Success on Your Certificate Course in English Language Teaching. Sage, Caraline Brandt, (2006), says that the terms “native speaker” and “non-native speaker” suggest a clear-cut distinction that doesn’t really exist. Instead it can be seen as a continuum, with someone who has complete control of the language in question at one end, to the beginner at the other, with an infinite range of proficiencies to be found in between. - The common-sense view of native speaker, in the book The
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