To Diet or Not to Diet?

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To Diet or Not to Diet? Dieting is an extremely debated topic in the health world. Is it needed? Or is eating healthy enough? Many feel that dieting is a necessity to living a healthy lifestyle. However, the process can be very difficult for some and often causes failure in most. The fact of dieting is, diets don't fail, people do. Dieting isn't a necessity to being healthy or losing weight, keeping a healthy lifestyle with healthy foods and exercise is what is needed. Tips for Dieting As many people probably have experienced, dieting can be a difficult process and it is hard to know what is right and wrong when dieting. In order to make dieting an easier process, here are some helpful tips to make dieting go a little more smoothly. According to Natalie Digate Muth MD, eating more fiber in your day can prevent someone from overeating. Eating more fiber helps the body not feel hungry as often and helps from eating unnecessary carbohydrates and sugars. Another helpful tip is knowing how much protein to eat and the right types of it. For instance, eat lean meats such as fish and chicken rather than eating fatty meats such as pork, sausage, and bacon states RD Sonthe Burge. The foundation to almost every diet is to simply eat less and exercise more. Another large component to weight loss is limiting starch and salt intake. Michael Dansinger states, “When you reduce sodium and cut starches, you reduce fluid retention which can result up to five pounds of fluid loss when you

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