To Do It All Analysis

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Hello, my name is Edith Gaytan. I am 20 years old. I am from Tulare, California. I am in my second semester of my sophomore year pursuing my career in Nursing. I consider myself a person who is positive about every aspect of life. I’m thrilled to be part of your class. I am extremely excited to be able to achieve recreational activities; I thought I would never have the opportunity to accomplish. I believe setting goals is an important aspect in order to have success in life. Throughout, my lifetime, I have set many goals for myself; today I will share four of these goals with you. One of my short-term goals, which are personally my most important goal, is to achieve a GPA of 4.0 or higher. The goal is to be able receive that GPA by the end…show more content…
At the age of fifteen John Goddard had created an impressive 127 life list as goals. That is just incredible, but his goals are more in the long-term rather than short-term like my own personal goals. There is one thing that Goddard stated in his article “I wanted To Do It All”, which was “Nearly everyone, he notes, has goals and dreams, but not everyone acts on them” this relates to the common individual. Goddard views his goals as a guideline that has nothing to do with the control of his life. I do agree that goals are just a guideline to how you want your life to go. Goddard biggest accomplishment was the exploration of the entire length of the Nile, and Congo rivers. There is no doubt that everything he accomplished; he did it with a meaningful purpose. In my opinion is very impressive that Goddard was able to accomplish the most of the goals he listed. So, in that particular style of Goddard, I have already started my list of goals. Even though my goals are not top of the line crazy filled with adventure they still are adventurous to me. My goals are more based on improving my academics and health, but still are a challenge to…show more content…
As of now I run a mile in about ten minutes. I want to run a mile at least in eight minutes. Even though it’s a short-term goal, it still requires full dedication and encouragement to achieve the goal. In order to meet the goal I set up for myself, I need to follow a plan of action. In the plan of action, I would need to train my body to get used to running at a faster pace than usual. In order to do this I need to run at least five days a week. I plan to run at my normal mile run for about a week to regain the condition. After, I will start increasing the speed little by little. Besides running on a daily basis, I will be adding a session of yoga every week to facilitate muscle recovery. As well, adding strength training twice a week will help with the improvement of core and leg strength. Once, I have completed an eight-mile run I will treat myself to a road trip to an Amusement
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