To Do What We Do

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Have you ever wondered why it is we humans do what we do? I have observed and speculated for years but it is of just recently that I thought of scientifically ripping the question apart to find a “real” and “true” answer. I believe it all comes down to behavior. Behavior is made up of and influenced by attitudes, ethics, harm, fairness, community, purity, values, culture, authority, persuasion, and genetics. I believe that there is an even mix of all of these attributes that equals the end product: our behaviors, our desires, and us as a whole. Some would argue against the idea of an even mix and claim that at least one is of greater importance than that of another. Though through extensive research, I have concluded the idea of a harmonious and equal coexistence. According to the academic journal, The Complexity of Moral History: Response to Cotkin, there is change all around us. Specifically about social and environmental change that occur everyday. These changes from minor to major proportions have sculpted our world. One section talks on how changes in gender relations and race have molded and changed a big part of the country. With these kind of changes it is easy to see how the mindsets of the population can change. The article goes on to talk about more things that have changed in resent years. “Formerly secure moral verities have been toppled by changes in sexual morality and the triumph of a youth culture. Immigration from new areas and the loss of jobs to a

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