To Find Zoé and Manhattan by Woody Allen

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The idea behind To Find Zoé began two years ago when I arrived in Brussels. It was my first year at the school, and it was suppose to be a project for that year. But due to the fact that at that time I felt unprepared and didn’t have enough re-source to finish and creating the story, I decided to postpone the whole thing.The ultimate intention was to create a story within a story. A love story. A story about a man and his imagination. A story about how a little thing like imagination can change someone’s way of living.
These previous chapter was my series of inspiration. That each and every structure, style, characters, and meaning was all based on the things I already mention before. For instance, Murakami’s On Seeing The 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning inspired how I want to structure my bittersweet love story. A story about what if you (a character) that have a second chance, in an imagination, to meet the girl that you have missed an opportunity to begin with.
Fellini’s 8½ and Allen’s Stardust Memories inspired me on a certain style of telling a story, where dream and fantasy blend into one reality. A very interesting way of how I took it in literal where I wrote about Emile (character in To Find Zoé) meets up again in his mind with the girl that he met in the coffee place.
Manhattan by Woody Allen tells me a lot about how to characterise my character. A man who thinks that he already figured out his life’s, his way of living. But giving that certain
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