To Give is To Receive

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The idea of giving has been around since biblical times. Its quoted in the bible over (2000 times). Through the centuries, although it has maintained it’s initial roots of helping thy neighbor, it has evolved into a significant multi-billion dollar business, and has been well accepted by the general public. Giving is world word in acceptance, and crosses all civilized borders.

The Federal Government has recognized the importance of charitable giving in (xxxx) in the tax code by developing the 501-3C, which has become the biggest vehicle in which “givers” use to access their charitable organization.

The need for Charity Minutes is simple. Charities are looking for ways to become sustainable, which means for the most part they must seek alternative means for raising funds. The once or twice a year (chicken dinner) fund raising event, the silent auction, and the annual golf tournament, although sometimes successful, will not sustain them. Aid and grants from local government has reached an all time low. Their influential board of directors of doctors, attorneys, Indian chiefs and leaders of business, have less time to spend on boards, and have more difficulty with the goals of attaining those sustainability dollars. Charitable donors now more than ever, are scrutinizing every dollar they give and are asking the question, what are you doing to become sustainable.

Although the charities (non-profits) have a good relationship with the (for-profit) business community, at
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