To Invent The Auto Age Analysis

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Over one billion cars have been manufactured world-wide in the past century, with nearly
700 million on the road today. There are different types and models of cars, but the most popular model of car is a Ford. Lawrence Goldstone’s book Henry Ford, George Selden, And The Race
To Invent The Auto Age analyzes how the internal combustion engine, a “theory looking for an application,” evolved into an innovation that would change history. Also Goldstone’s book explains how the creation of the automobile was not just the work of one man, but the work from a global effort.
Through Goldstone’s book, there are twenty-four chapters that discuss the race to invent the auto age between Henry Ford and George Selden. The beginning of the book starts
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Towards the ending of the book, the author provides the reader with a good analysis of how Ford and Selden actually race to invent the best automobile. Goldstone quotes “less than three months after George Selden’s quixotic appearance in New York, Ford announced the
“consolidation of the present Ford Motor Company, the Ford Manufacturing Company, and other allied interest have decided that the various plants now building the Ford car will all be under one roof.”4 That quote shows that Goldstone demonstrate that the race to be the best automobile maker was being taken very seriously between the two men. At the ending of the book, the race has finally came to an end, “as a result of his principles, his self-confidence, or simply his stubbornness; Henry Ford was by this time selling tens of thousands of Model Ts each year, with revenues in the millions and millions of dollars, could keep every penny.”5 Goldstone also explains that due to Selden issuing a patent it will “save the industry considerable sums, but above all it will remove barriers in the trade of
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