To Kill A Mockingbird: A Study Of Perla's Cry

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful lily with petals like a plum peel. It had a scent like honeycomb and a glitter like the moon. One day, a little girl named Perla skipped happily into her grandmother's new garden. Perla´s eyes dazzled as she strode up to the lily. She bent down to study the flower. “It´s beautiful!” she exclaimed in a whisper. Soon it was winter. “All the flowers will die!” cried Perla, trying to convince her grandmother to let her plant the flower in a pot inside. “Plleeeeaaaassssse?!” asked Perla in desperation. ¨Oh all right!¨ said Sue. She gave Perla a little purple pot and some soil to plant the magnificent lily. When Perla got outside into the garden, and she pulled with all her might to get the lily out of the
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