To Kill A Mockingbird Caste System Analysis

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There are many different levels of the caste system in Maycomb County. Factors like your job, the color of your skin, and other people’s opinion of you goes into putting you into a class. Children are put into the same class as their parents, and they often never change. People also do not usually interact with people outside of their social class. This, in most cases, is very frowned upon. Although, some levels are very similar.

The Finch family is of the highest social standing in Maycomb County. They are white, which back then, was a very important factor in what social class you belonged in. Atticus Finch, is also a lawyer, and a very good one at that. This makes him very respected in the community. The Finch’s, Atticus especially, have a lot of friends in their community. They are very well educated, loved, and respected by most of their neighbors, and they do not have many enemies. They are also very kind to the black community. Although, you do not have to be kind to the Negroes to be in the highest class. In fact, most were not kind to them. People like Aunt Alexandra were “the perfect example of what a southern lady should act like.” In other words, they despised blacks. They wanted nothing to do with them.

The Cunningham
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They are white, which makes them more superior to the black community, but not by much. They are terribly poor. Bob Ewell, the father, does not work or make any money for his family. He is a horrible drunk who could not care less about spending money he does earn on anything else besides alcohol. The family lives behind a dumpster, almost never eating. The Ewell children also do not go to school. They think it is pointless. They go on the first day, just to get the truant officer off their back, but then they do not show up again until the next year. The residents of Maycomb County are not fond of the Ewells at all. They are disrespectful, rude, and just plain
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