To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 5 Analysis

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I chose the vocabulary words emboldened (courage), and apprehension (anxiety or fear something bad or unpleasant will happen). The reason they apply to comprehending chapter 5 and the book is because courage is a major characteristic of the underdog, and without it they become the average person who is unable to overcome disadvantages exceedingly well. In particular courage was a key aspect in the way Freirich approached the children with leukemia. In contrast, apprehension is a quality that the underdog is not familiar with, alternatively it is a trait of a person who is not willing to take risks, chances, think outside of the box, or oppose the “norm”. Hence, the difference between these two qualities is a major factor when considering the…show more content…
In addition, Gladwell painted a good picture of the sorrow felt due to the severity of the affects on the children from drugs, procedures, and imminent death more often than not. Gladwell gave extensive detail to drive the point home of how audacious it was not to think outside of the box or form an unconvential strategy to help save these childrens lives. In order to really understand the general atmosphere, which appeared to be morgue like; the attitudes of the doctors who worked on that ward issuing death sentences providing no hope to their patients needed to be made crystal clear. Otherwise, it would be difficult for your average person who has empathy to understand some of Freirichs approaches as they were viewed as haineous and unempathetic. Even though Freirich did not possess a great amount of bedside manner, he did have empathy for the continued torture that the children were experiencing; relative to his childhood. Freirich could empathize because he also had a tormented period of life, his ability to emotionally express this was void. In essence the lack of affection as a child affected his genteel nature in adulthood. Freirich is able to handle these factors in the Cancer ward because he immediately began attempting to conform to the heinous conditions by finding a resolution or way to improve the statistics. The difference in Freirich and your average person is his resilience in opposing the giants in these circumstances despite the consequences. Once again similar to the underdog strategies used in previous chapters such as Randadive and Boeis; different unique strategies are utilized to overcome disadvantages attaining success in impossible
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