To Kill A Mockingbird Character Analysis

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When a child is born their minds are blank, full of wonder, and wanting experience. It’s a parent’s job to nurture the child’s mind, teaching it right from wrong and lessons on the life eventually they will have to continue on their own. Author’s who use younger characters have more freedom with their action since the concept of inhibitions isn’t perfectly clear to said character. The children from To Kill A Mockingbird Are perfect examples. The book follows the adventures of two siblings named Jem and Scout along with their friend Dill as they experience life in the small town of Maycomb. Eventually their adventures get them wrapped up in wanting to know more about their father Atticus. Atticus is Scout and Jem’s father, he is a lawyer and has a lot of experience and wisdom to share with them. By his actions and interaction with the people around him and his children, each with its own individual lessons show Scout and Jem how to deal with situations for every step in life. Disagreements are common among humans, its human nature for one to have an opinion and another to be opposing. Proceeding to go back and forth until an agreement is reached. With atticus being a lawyer he is an expert at persuasion, he can convince a person without sticking to any tricks. His morals keep his arguments fair, his persuasion is only with his words. “Do you know what a compromise is?” he asked “Bending the law?” “No, an agreement reached by mutual concessions.” (Lee 41) By this point
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