To Kill A Mockingbird Essay: The Mentally Divided

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Christopher is diagnosed with the mental disorder Asperger’s syndrome. The disorder causes him to have difficulty in socializing with others. Due to his mental condition, Christopher can not understand facial expressions or emotions. Neither, does he like to have eye contact or chat with others especially strangers, because Christopher’s ability to understand sarcasm and jokes is limited. Christopher says himself that ‘[he] can’t do chatting’ (page 70). Most of his statements are based on logical deductions. Therefore, he prefers to be all by himself or living in a world where everyone is just like him as he describes it in his favourite dream on page 242. One of the reasons why the narrator has not changed throughout the story is that Christopher has an organized mind-set. He knows what he wants to do. He wants to take both Physics and Maths A classes and subsequently attend a University. Christopher sees himself as a different standard compared to others. He insists that his way of thinking is the right way and has no appreciation of other’s thoughts or find them valid. Consequently, Christopher is very naive and unwilling to collaborate. This makes is hard for people…show more content…
Furthermore, Christopher does not have the ability to empathize. “I have to go back to Swindon, and mother said, Christopher you’ve just only got here.’ ‘I have to sit my Maths A level’ ” (page 246). Instead he has been gifted with mathematical skills. The math skills are the only thing Christopher knows, he really can master. He says on page 247, “ I’m going to get an A grade. And that’s why I have to go back to Swindon”. Christopher wants to be acknowledged. People frequently find him peculiar in his way of being. No one really understands him and that is why Christopher dislike
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