To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: Roommates

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Roommates will be an essential part of your life at college. They usually share the same interests as you and will be very likely to be your friend for your rest of your life. As Sophia got accepted into The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as a boarding student. She found out her roommate Ava is very smart, and she is a very decent person. Sophia thought that this will be a peaceful year for her, but she was wrong. The first day of the school passed very smoothly, but on the second day of school, there are already disagreements about the private space they each got. Ava wanted to have a border created so that problems would be settled. But as she was measuring the line on the floor using rulers, she gave herself a huge piece of relaxing area, while only gave Sophia a place for sleeping. Furthermore, as Sophia had accidentally stepped on the border once, Ava got really triggered and almost beaten her up.…show more content…
As the days went on, Ava started to invade Sophia's only personal space, her bed. While Sophia was out for dinner, Ava would usually jump onto her bed in very dirty clothes so she won't have to get changed to get comfortable. But the intolerable thing is that she never admits it and she would also make up lies to cover up the secret. Although Sophia is really triggered, but she let it passed because of believing compromising would work. After seeing no action from Sophia, Ava begins to steal Sophia's things. From her homework to the secret diary. Moreover, after Ava successful stole Sophia's belongings, she started to brandished in front of her face and started to sing “you can't catch me!” and then ran away. Sophia tried to talk to Ava peacefully to resolve the dispute, but Ava just won't listen at
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