To Kill A Mockingbird Flashback Analysis

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Title To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is novel told through the eyes of Jean Louise Finch, AKA Scout. This young girl is forced to stick close to her father and older brother as the stark reality of some people’s prejudice and ignorance is thrust upon her. These events give Scout a new perspective on those around her and a new respect for the ways others choose to live their lives. Harper Lee uses many different techniques to convey the emotions and occurrences throughout Scout’s life and the most prevalent of those is flashbacks. They’re used to build a mood, provide background info and show the resolution. To begin with, Harper Lee uses a flashback to express tension and anxiety within Scout. “Atticus’s arrival was the second reason…show more content…
He has miraculously appeared from underneath Scout’s bed and all beside Dill himself is wondering why and how. “Refreshed by food, Dill recited this narrative: having been bound in chains and left to die in the basement (they had basements in Meridian) by his new father, who disliked him” (Lee, 186). “He had taken thirteen dollars from his mother’s purse, caught the nine o’clock from Meridian and got off at Maycomb Junction” (Lee, 187). This is some much needed info for readers wondering what was going on with a boy just randomly popping out from under a bed, which is probably everyone. Combining these two quotes together, one gets the why and the how of his sudden appearance even if the first one may be a bit exaggerated. He doesn’t get along with his father and he stole some money for a bus. These flashbacks were a perfect way to give background info in just two short…show more content…
She’s just escorted the infamous Boo Radley to his house and standing on his front porch gets her reminiscing about what she’s gone through lately, but from Arthur’s perspective. “In my mind the night faded. It was daytime and the neighborhood was busy” (Lee, 373). That’s her slipping into her memories. After reliving her recent past Scout says to herself, “Atticus was right. One time he said you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them. Just standing on the Radley porch was enough” (Lee, 374). This last quote indicates that her walk down memory lane has changed her view on Arthur Radley for the better. For being the main character who’s supposed to oppose the ignorance and prejudice that’s all around her, Scout was quite the hypocrite for much of the book. She always going on nothing but the gossip and rumor she was fed to judge Arthur’s character. That is, until this point. Scout take Atticus’s words to heart and sees the error of her ways, no longer just ready to accept everything anyone else says about others. This is Scout seeing the readers off with a flashback that guides her towards her own resolution. In short, Harper Lee eloquently utilizes flashbacks for the effects of setting the tone, giving context and providing a solution. In the beginning they help emphasize Scout’s buried feelings, in the middle they contribute
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