To Kill A Mockingbird How Has Jem Changed

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To Kill A Mockingbird is a book/movie that follows the life of a young girl we see many people evolve throughout the book.Jem is the most evolved throughout TKAM.Jem is the most evolved because since he becomes older and matures more.

Jem has showed the reader he has changed when he refuses to leave Atticus at the jailhouse.For instance,when Jem goes up to atticus at the jailhouse,”son, i said go home.Jem shook his head(203).” Jem refusing to leave the jail shows how Jem has matured because it shows he risks his life to protect Dill,Scout,and ultimately Atticus from the crazy mob,this is courageous and brings Atticus and Jem closer together.even though Jem is young he still protects his family.

Jem shows he has evolved when he understands
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