To Kill A Mockingbird Reading Journal 2

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Examining Character: 1) Choose one complex character from the novel. Using quotations from the text as supporting evidence, examine and explain the devices used by the author to create this complex character. Then, describe how this character has contributed to the development of the plot in Chapters 7-11. Scout is a complex character in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”. From the beginning of the story, Scout goes against the stereotype of the “prissy little girl that plays with her dolls.” She prefers to play with Jem and Dill instead. She prefers to wear denim overalls instead of dresses. Throughout the story, her interactions with others help her grow up from a more wrongful thinking child into a wonderful, thoughtful one. In the…show more content…
Short Answer Question 1) Jem is particularly disturbed, not by Mrs. Dubose’s death, but by the gift she leaves him—a blossom from her Snow-on-the-Mountain camellia plant. Reflect upon this incident, explaining what you believe to be Mrs. Dubose’s true reason for giving Jem this gift. Then, explain why this message was so upsetting to Jem. I think that Mrs. Dubose’s true reasoning for giving Jem the camellia blossom was to show him that even though they were beaten down, the camellias would still grow unless pulled from the root. This symbolizes what Mrs. Dubose had to deal with and what Atticus is dealing with. Mrs. Dubose was suffering from her morphine addiction and although she could have stopped being sober from morphine, she braved the storm and died clean. Even though Atticus is dealing with all the controversy surrounding him defending a black man, he is still going to fight to defend his cause. I think that this message was so upsetting to Jem because it was one of his first experiences with learning something like that. He learned that while she seemed mean, that she was still trying to teach them about the complexity of humans. That no matter how much you are beaten down, that you are still able to overcome it. 2) As children grow and mature, it is not uncommon for their understanding of their parents to shift and change. The plot of To Kill a Mockingbird reflects many shifts in the way that Jem and Scout view their father. Reviewing what you have
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