To Kill A Mockingbird Scout's Innocence

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TKAM Summary To kill a Mockingbird ,Harper Lee. The main idea of this classic novel is that Scout loses her innocence. In fact, scout is very smart at her age she’s advanced because of her father, brother along with others. However with advance knowledge she faces many conflicts. Scout will overcome these struggles with her intelligence.The setting of this story takes place in Maycomb, Alabama. Scout faced many challenges like being exposed to the evil side of human nature. Meanwhile Scout began to lose her innocence. She had struggled to maintain that there was good in the human capacity. Furthermore, she has faced other problems like their neighbor Boo Radley, he seemed suspicious to them including every single encounter they had with him became more odd each time. Boo Radley was an odd boy they had been getting presents from him however they didn’t even know it. Like when Jem had found his clothes hanging on the fence “it was like knew I was coming back(Lee, 77-85)”. But with Scout’s intelligence they will eventually figure it out. Even though Scout did not enjoy school she was intelligent ironically when Jem would tell her it will get better she kept her head up.“After making me read most of My First Register aloud, she discovered that I was literate and looked at me with more than faint distance (Lee, 17).” Scout got most of her intelligence from her father he was a lawyer and brother Jem and Atticus. “Listening to the news of the day, Bills to Be Enacted into Laws, the diaries of Lorenzo Dow anything Atticus happened to be…show more content…
Scout is a very intelligent girl, especially for her age. She got most of her intelligence from her father , her brother Jem, and Atticus. She already knows how to read and is in the second grade. She's very intelligent and will overcome the obstacles she will face in this classic
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