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To Kill a Mockingbird Book Report

     The main characters in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird are Jem, Scout, and Atticus Finch. Jem and Scout are brother and sister, Atticus is their father and Maycomb’s best lawyer . Jem and Scout spend their summers playing with their summer time friend Dill. Jem, Scout, and Dill spend most of their summer trying to get Boo Radley who is suspected to be a crazy man to come out of his home. As their summers pass their hopes of Boo Radley coming out of his home slowly fade away. One summer Atticus is defending a black man who is accused of raping a white teenager. The small town that they live in Maycomb is buzzing and giving the whole Finch family a hard time about the trial.
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After a while of thinking she points to a stranger across the room and says, “Hello Boo,” and thanks him for everything. The police find out that it is the girls father who was the attacker and the rule that he feel on his knife and caused his own death. Scout is happy she meet Boo but never sees him again. “If only Jem was awake.”
     Something I found interesting about this book was how a whole town that respects this family can turn around and hate them just for befriending the black community. I think the strongest point of the book is how much Scout grows up in this book and sees the world for what it really is. She learned how man can treat another man so cruel over things such as race and rankings in society. Scout learned so many things in her summers that takes some people a lifetime to learn. She learn to love and respect people no matter who and of what class they are and to see beyond color and hatred toward toughs who are different.
     I think the weakness’ of this book are that it has details that aren’t really helpful. Also that some things you have to read over twice to really make sense of them. I think I had to do that because the book was written a while ago and the language and the grammar are different from what I learned.
     Additional research that would be helpful is to read stuff about little towns such as Maycomb
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