To Kill a Mocking Bird Chapter Questions 1-4 Essay

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Chapter 1 Chapter 1 introduces readers to the town of Maycomb, its appearance, its inhabitants, and the particular attitudes of many of its people. Find a sentence or a paragraph which illustrates each of the following attitudes/ideas. Quote at least a portion of the sentence or paragraph and give the page number. pride in ancestry and “tradition” “Tired old town” (pg. 5) pride in conformity and distrust of those who are different “Maycomb County had recently been told that it had nothing to fear but fear itself” (pg. 6) awareness of difference in social classes “nothing to buy and no money to buy with it” (pg. 6) Approximately when does the story begin? Show evidence to support your answer. The story approximately begins in…show more content…
She said that her dad teaches her wrong and she should not read at home anymore. Her second mistake was that she was writing a letter to Dill, showing that she can write, when she should only be able to print in grade 1. Lastly, Scout explained the ways of the Cunninghams and how they do not accept anything they can’t pay back. Miss Caroline does not see this as a nice gesture, she sees it more of an arrogant statement and slaps her hand. Why are the professional people in Maycomb poor at this time? The professional people in Maycomb are poor at this time because it is during the time of the Great Depression. This is when the stock market crashed, leaving businesses in serious debt and causing severe financial straits What is the WPA. and why won’t Mr. Cunningham work for it? The WPA is the Works Progress Administration. Mr. Cunningham won’t work for it because he stands with his head held high and will not take help and charity, but only what he can earn on his own. Chapter 3 What do we learn about Calpurnia and Atticus when Scout criticizes Walter’s manners? It shows that they are very respective of others and their differences. They are demonstrating excellent qualities, as they are trying to set a good example for Scout. Burris Ewell, Walter Cunningham, and Chuck Little are all from extremely poor families: however, there are great differences both in appearance and in attitude, particularly between the Cunninghams and

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